My audio work can be found on my Soundcloud!

Web Design

I do my best work when I'm wearing my typing Pusheen hoodie.

Research Website


I designed this to present my findings for the first-ever IFF Undergrad Research Scholarship, since I felt it would be more accessible than a research paper to future recipients looking for an example. It's designed to be easy to navigate.

My Other Site


A homepage to show off some of my original music. I'm probably going to redesign it with Pagekit soon so I can have a backend from which to edit content.

Magazine-Style Blog


This is my blog, where I sometimes post indie game reviews and essays. I recently made a custom theme for it called Presto Alex with very cool and cheerful design elements.

Business Directory


As part of their rebranding I made the Countryside Chamber of Commerce a custom WordPress theme with a business directory, BuddyPress user profiles, and an interactive map, plus blog articles, job posts, and calendar events which can be submitted by members. Took me like 2 months, man.

Webcomic Site


the Cornucopia website uses Grawlix, an open source webcomic CMS based in PHP. It uses a custom theme designed to be a near replica of the Photoshop file I was given to use.

Visual Novel Promo


A very simple, static website for my ongoing ironic visual novel project, Pizza Game. I resisted going with a fully ironic website like LINGsCARS.com, and instead opted to have one trashy page and the rest reflect the bubbly Pizza Game aesthetic.


Graphic design is an important skill to have because it means you can make bad CD covers and film posters out of your friends' Facebook pictures.

JelloApocalypse Merch

My brother was recently invited to a convention in California, where they gave us a 10' x 10' space to sell merchanise. Owing to the fact he did not have any readily available, I ended up vectorizing some of his illustrations and designing the templates for custom swag, including a vinyl display banner, 3" buttons, bookmarks, and a cute box to hold and display four different 1" buttons.

CBA Redesign

One of my early tasks as the social media/web intern at CBA was to freshen up their Facebook and Twitter profiles. I gave the brand a little redesign because its sort of dull, serif logo at the time seemed kind of unapproachable in 2017.

The tree is a holdover from the previous logo. I kept it for the Facebook/Twitter avatar and replaced it with a leaf in the actual wordmark. Countryside and the surrounding suburbs have a lot of trees and forest preserves, hence the greenery motif. In any case, I couldn't really use typical city/big business symbols since it's a suburb.

Lion Magazine

Designed a logo and some Facebook graphics for a friend who wanted to start a chapter of Ed2010 at our campus called Lion Magazine. She didn't give me much to work with so I came up with some brand colors/motifs and a slogan.

The logo was done in Illustrator CS6. The aspiring magazine editor community (Ed2010, Her Campus, etc.) seems to be mostly female, so it made more sense to make the logo a lioness. Girl power and all that. The sharp low-poly aesthetic keeps it looking fierce. It's all like, "rawr, im an editor."

The fonts are Pontiac and Playfair Display, the archetypal open license magazine font.